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GTA San Andreas Directx 2.0 Mod Download

Today i will show you How to Download GTA San Andreas Directx 2.0 Mod Download on your PC. This Mod will make your GTA San Andreas Amazing, Actually this more will make a GTA San Andreas graphics improvement a lot like the textures waters character pictures everything in a game it will improve a lot so make sure to download this Mod on a computer and install it on your computer if you want to play GTA San Andreas graphics like GTA 5

The graphics spent about two years of Maxim and Boris developing and all the hype and anticipation is not in vain. In addition to the mesmerizing images, you will receive an excellent improvement, as you can not only travel around San Andreas in search of beautiful landscapes, but also read a new story with a graphic element. New.


1) In "Preset", choose the configuration for your computer (high, medium, low). Auto-selection is superscript.
2) Transfer files and folders to the specified configuration at the root of the game (if you have installed the setup program on the CD, remove the files already installed).

In addition to the following:
If you want to install DoF, the "Depth of Field" folder is the "enbseries" folder at the top of the pre-installed mod and put this folder at the root of the game.

Separately, the "optimizer" is the optimizer that adds a few frames per second.

Auto install mod is not recommended.
In the game settings - close the vertical sync window (VSync or Frame Rate Limiter).
Also set the game brightness standard.

Startup Problems and Solutions:

  1. The game cannot begin with a new ENB. Solution - Remove the old game configuration.
  2. Go to Documents -> GTA San Andreas User Files -> and delete the gta_sa.set file
  3. If you have Windows 10, go to the Fix Problems Win 10 folder.
  4. Issues need to be fixed with the video instructions given on the link.

Known Issues and Errors:

In the new version SA_DirectX, Chrome has been added to the car. This is the Shader test.
So if it is causing you problems, just enter the game shift and look for the enbvehicle tab.
There you will see a tick before Chrome: Enable. Remove it and Chrome will not.


To customize SA_DirectX, press the shift key in the game.
Then select the tab you need and rotate the settings.

Description of key settings:

  • Emboss.txt Settings, Vignette, Fisheye Effect.
  • Settings enbbloom bloom
  • enbdepthoffield - motion blur settings
  • In-game game settings panel (contrast, saturation, etc.)
  • Lights - Light, sky, clouds, puddle setting
  • enbvehicle - automatic settings
  • enbwater - water installation
  • DOF enbeffectprepass settings (if you throw it in the game).

All the questions that should be addressed in the fashion writer's PM
Author: ExmacrusX, Boris Voronsov
Author's website:

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