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GTA Vice City Remastered Download for PC | GTA Vice City Remastered Graphics mod for PC (2021). If you wanna Download GTA Vice City Remastered (2021) in your PC? Then Read This Article Fully.

We first heard about a mod for Grand Theft Auto V that brought Grand Theft Auto: Vice City into the modern era almost five years ago. Now, Vice City Remastered is available for download, with a mod that adds Vice City‘s bad boy protagonist Tommy Vercetti.

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You can also see what it looks like at different times of the day and during one of the city’s (presumably rare) rainstorms. The addition of Tommy Vercetti (thanks to a separate mod, also by lunchxbles) and the journey down the road of nostalgia is almost over.

GTA Vice City Remastered helped solve these problems. It has another name: GTA Vice Cry Remastered. It brings you to the stunning Vice City that you might have explored throughout your childhood. Many players cannot forget the mission of bombing up a chopper or many GTA Vice City cheat codes that help summon tanks and warships.

However, it’s not the remastered version made by Rockstar. It’s a mod made by a fan of this game. GTA Vice Cry Remastered will bring back many memories of GTA Vice City players. This game reconstitutes Vice City vividly with higher graphics quality. Moreover, it also has a lot of interesting missions for players to do and enjoy the game.

GTA Vice City Remastered Free Download For PC

As it’s not a game developed and published by Rockstar, you cannot buy or download GTA Vice City Remastered on Rockstar’s game store. Vice Cry 1.8 is available to download at It has many significant features that make this remastered game really interesting and fascinating.

Here are all the main amazing features of this remastered mod that make GTA Vice City more stunning.

  • MLO interiors
  • Bump mapped roads, various buildings, and special mapped windows for proper reflections.
  • 3D Neon models
  • Working traffic lights and instanced grass.
  • The full path and Navmesh support
  • Material accuracy
  • SLOD’s with proper Water Reflection
  • Car generators and Custom scenarios
  • Custom population groups, zones, and more.

GTA Vice City Remastered Missions

The modder added a lot of missions to GTA Vice City Remastered for players to enjoy it better. There are 87 missions in GTA Vice City in different categories. GTA Vice City has story missions, race missions, asset missions, phone missions, sparrow missions, side missions, stadium missions, off-road missions, and remote-controlled missions.

Download Remastered Mod for PC

Here is how you can download and install mod, click on download mod and install it on your PC.

Download GTA VC 2 Remastered Mod

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